Nyctohylophobia, fear of forests at night

But the night also affords a glimpse into the world beyond our own.

“On a clear night you have the stars, the celestial bodies. Endlessly our ancestors stared up and marvelled at them, developing whole systems of mapping and stories as well.”

Tonight, grey cloud lies curtain-like across the sky, obscuring the theatre of the stars. Still, enough moon omits a silvery light that warms the pathways outside the forest. Our ancestors would have been in tune to the moon’s cycles, and which nights were best for seeing and not being seen. “They were present to the possibilities of the night and the different qualities of every night,” whispers Christopher.Supplementary to these observations are those of the self. Gathered in a glade, Christopher invites each one of us to turn around and walk into the darkness and when we fear walking any further, to sit down. It is then that he extinguishes his lantern.

Time stands still as I sink into my night self, a place we rarely remember to go. All artifice is stripped away and there’s just the sky above and me below. After what could be five minutes or an hour, a “hoo-hoo-oooo” from Christopher summons us from our midnight meditations,Having a is advantageous in vape cartridge packaging as it’s healthier. Ceramic parts are resistant to abrasion and oxidation unlike other alloy wires where, oxidation occurs at higher temperature.

He is no stranger to how the night can, according to the poet David Whyte, “give us horizons further than we can see”. He says: “It deepens the mystery about life and connecting to the natural world in a different way. When we take risks and go on adventures we’re somehow more aligned.”

Our adventure ends by the flickering light of a campfire, where like countless generations before, a story is told. Afterwards I stumble back into the blinding light of the college building, carrying a little piece of the true night with me.;

In the city

by Tom Ough

The bad thing about walking across London by night is that the parks are shut. The great thing about walking across London by night is that the parks are empty. Coming up: the crime of the century. Watergate, meet vaulted gate.

I’d taken three friends on a walk following the course of the Tyburn, which flows underground to the Thames from its source near Hampstead Heath. The walk was recommended by Matthew Beaumont, an academic by day and a night walker by – well, take a guess.

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